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Gai Wu
Charitable Foundation


In 2023, we embark on a new journey with the establishment of our IRD Section 88 approved charitable foundation, enabling us to extend our positive community influence. The mission of this foundation is to support the underprivileged persons at need and local community through sports and related activities.


Before establishing our own charity, we have already done numbers of social inclusion and diversity programs targeting underprivileged youths and families like Special Education Needs (SEN) students, low-income family and new immigrants by collaborating with an extensive network of NGOs and schools.  Successful events like “Sports For All”, “Special Stadium” and “Jockey Club Rugby United Project” have set a record of 4000+ participants. 

Community Projects


Hong Kong's First Visual Impairment Rugby Experience

Together with Hong Kong Blind Union and JC Care team, we successfully hosted Hong Kong's first rugby experience day for visually impaired individuals. This event perfectly demonstrated how sports can break barriers and connect different groups in the society.


HKFYG Special Stadium

SPECIAL STADIUM was established by the HKFYG to create a platform for students with special educational needs (SEN) to discover and enhance their unique characteristics, self-efficacy and emotion management through the enjoyment of sports. Gai Wu is honored to be part of it to provide quality coaches and deliver rugby program. 


Sino Olympian City 
Kids' Experience Day

To bring the community together and support local athletes, Kids Rugby Experience Day were held at Olympian City during HK7s, where the little ones can learn the game basics from our coaches and get a taste of being a rugby player! 


Hong Kong Jockey Club 
Rugby United Project

The Rugby United Project is a campaign targets youths aged 13 -15 from a range of academic and socioeconomic background. Gai Wu coaches helped to deliver the program and introduced core rugby values e.g. diversity, leadership to the youths.


Women's Leadership and Empowerment Programme

Women empowerment is our another focus area as we have over 100 female members within the club. Our Chair Lady Candy Cheng was invited to speak at HKCR International Women's Day panel discussion, Swire Women's Network and other local media. 

afterschool program_edited.png

After school programs for low income youths

By partnering with local schools and community centers, we provide weekly rugby programs for low-income teenagers to develop social skills and values. Local partners includes Caritas Integrated Home Care Service, Mu Kuang English School. 


TREATS Sports For All

This is a joint project with TREATS to promote social inclusion and diversity. Gai Wu helped to deliver a six-week training to children with special needs to bring a message that everyone can interact through sports as equal. 


 Rescue Centre for Abandoned Pets Club Volunteering Day

Regular club volunteering activities were organized for our members to join and create positive community impact. During RCAP volunteering day, our members helped to clean cages and bring dogs for a walk. 


Global Institute for Tomorrow 
(GIFT) Rugby Experience Day

GIFT is an organization that gather professionals from different fields and drive positive changes. Gai Wu was invited to share our club's mission and insights on the challenges encountered by sports industry. 


Hysan Mini Touch Rugby Programme 
(Kids Wellness Programme)

Mini Touch Rugby Programme is game-based learning designed for kids aged from 3-8. Under the guidance of Gai Wu's professional coaches, kids can develop eye hand co-ordination, teamwork, sportsmanship and confidence, which are essential to their growth.


Rugby Training for young offenders

Partnered with Breakthrough, we offered rugby training to young offenders. Through the trainings, we are able to deliver important rugby values like integrity, self-discipline that are crucial to them. 

GW Touch Poster.jpg

Gai Wu's First Invitational Touch Rugby Tournament 

In order to provide more game opportunities to primary school students and nurture talents at early stage, we are going to host our first touch rugby tournament for kids aged 6-13 years old and families to participate. 


For inquiries or partnership opportunity,

please contact us via


Address: Room 806, Capitol Centre

5-19 Jardine’s Bazaar

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 

Tel: (852) 2881 8305

Thank you for contacting us!

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